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Click play, turn on your volume and let your mind float off to Senegal while you have a look at our upcoming events!
DatePlace OrganiserProgram details
21 – 25 July 2021AmsterdamSophie & coSabar Summer Camp in Amsterdam Noorderpark
Registration & Information : https://forms.gle/4NBiUgvtoLPqNCsq6 
31/7 – 1/8St.Sulpice de Royan (France)Kelly PuaudWeekend dance workshop
4 teachers representing dances from 4 countries:
Tieble ‘Vieux’ Diarra | Mali
Josephone Viollet | Guinée (Conakry)
Manon Corbice | Côte d’Ivoire
Sophie | Senegal
25 December 2021-
8 January 2022
Yoff, Dakar (Senegal)SophieThe 10th edition of our Sabar Camp in Yoff.
See https://sophie-sabar.com/sabar-in-senegal/
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