Sabar in Senegal

Join us on a musical and rhythmical journey into the heart of sabar in Dakar, the sabar capital of Senegal.

On the road with our singing drummers, Lamine notably.

I believe that you can now learn sabar around the globe with the number and quality of sabar artists everywhere. I also believe that if you want to truly grasp the essence, or a sense of sabar, you need to touch ground at the source, you need to dance in the sand, you need to experience the original context in which sabar has its place, you need to experience the energy at sabar events. There is no sabar school in Senegal, but there are many sabar camps, especially in the winter time. During our 2 week sabar camp, you can find us on the beach in Yoff, where I work with local artists who accompany you while you dive deeper into sabar culture, under my inspiring guidance and the térange of my Lébou inlaws. Welcome!

Impression of our 9th edition, February 2020.

The 10th edition of our Sabar Camp in Dakar will take place from

Saturday 12 – 26 February 2022

Come to Senegal with us, dance and drum on the beach, join us on the best sabar parties, get yourself a tailor made outfit, have a bissap while you enjoy live music and reward yourself with an icecream downtown after a visit to the market. This is what you need!
€800,- * including 10 dance & drum classes, 3 meals a day, a fabulous place to stay 50 meters from the beach in Yoff, visits to sabar events, ballet rehearsals, markets and a trip to Ngor island under the experienced and soulful guidance of Sophie & Mbaye and their extended family.

*Excluding your plane ticket, travel insurance, local tips and cab fares.

Registration by e-mail:

Barambaye at a taneber in Grand Yoff, February 2020

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