Online : Study Sabar at home

I have joined the collective of artists at the AFRO FOR YOU platform as a sabar coach to be able to bring sabar to your livingrooms now that most of the world is in lockdown due to the corona pandemic. As a dancing anthropologist I strongly encourage you to study sabar in the broadest sense as I consider sabar to be a complex cultural phenomenon. Sabar is about so much more than dance steps or strokes on a drum. Read about sabar, and study sabar rhythms and dance on the Afro For You platform. Pricing: for about €50 a month you have access to the 7 rhythms uploaded so far. I am feeding the platform regularly, for you to have a broad understanding of sabar repertoire.

Four steps to guide you through the lesson (1 lessen every month). In week

  1. You study the rhythm of the month and its background through the first video tutorial
  2. You study the dance steps that I break down with you in the second tutorial
  3. You practice some more with the dance class video
  4. You book me for an online coaching : What can we do together to improve your dancing?


Teaser Afro For You
  1. Barambaye

One of my absolute favorite rhythms, is the first lesson that awaits you on


The second rhythm is the best part of the sabar party: complex, feminine, explosive. Dive in the wonderful world of gnaari gorong with us on


Aahhh…. yaaba composé ! This rhythm is part of what we call Thiossanou Lébou, Lébou cultural legacy. With its slow, groovy flow yaaba may take you to higher realms.

Ready for you on

4. Thieboudiene | Ceebujen

Who would have thought I would dance thieboudiene again and enjoy it this much! Come dance with me. This rhythm is my Christmas present to you.

It is ready for you on AfroForYou.

5. Fass

This very powerful rhythm lifts your spirit and will bring you joy and energy!

It is ready for you on AfroForYou.


I love dancing to mbalax music! In this class you will explore the wonderful world of the group of rhythms called musicale | kaolack | mbalax and the fecc boubess (new dance) that are popular right now. Stuffed with the latest bakks and happy tunes, this is a blissful overdose of all the sabar love Senegalese artists have to offer.

  1. Alou Ships bakk challenge,
  2. Mo Lamine Ndiaye Rose song and
  3. Bass Thioung’s latest happy tunes, as you can see in this teaser.

7. Leumbeul

Did you click on the picture? Gotcha. There is no leumbeul teaser :). Leumbeul to me is an art, and to be danced in safe and secured places where women can freely explore and express themselves. Dive into the magical and freeing world of leumbeul. It is ready for you on AfroForYou.

I am in charge of the artistic content, for all questions concerning dance steps, talmbat parts in gnaari gorong and the like, get in touch with me. Get in touch with AfroForYou for questions about your membership: |

Not your thing, you just want to dance? Join our online Tuesday Mbalax class | Every Tuesday | From 19.45-21.00 (CET) | Through Zoom | Price €7,50 (Paypal or international bank transfer) | You decide when you join | You will receive the music and the choreographies by whatsapp to continue your dance routine after or before class | E-mail me or Whatsapp + 31 6 45078021 to receive the zoom link and paypall/bank details.

The Afro For You team.